One-On-One Business Mentoring

Receive confidential personal business counseling from experienced corporate executives, successful entrepreneurs and professional members of our dedicated team. We offer this service without charge to all who seek it. Most of our clients are contemplating launching their own businesses or are already in business. Some need focused counseling on a single subject such as marketing, while others are seeking a comprehensive review all aspects of their proposed business venture. Some clients need just a single consulting session – others may return many times, usually after having conducted research relevant to the business venture. In either case we are happy to mentor and help define and analyze your opportunities and assist you in finding a solution.

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Please call us at 702-388-6104, or click here to request a face-to-face appointment with a mentor.

Email Mentoring

SCORE also offers counseling by email. This is a great way to receive answers to specific questions – usually in less than 48 hours. SCORE has established a national network of over a 1000 counselors who respond to email requests.

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All inquiries are kept confidential.

Business Mentoring – Your Advisory Board

Business owners face many challenges and opportunities. Very few can afford a professional Board of Directors to provide guidance. Now there is a confidential no cost solution – business mentoring by SCORE. Business mentoring relationships can last for a few sessions or years. You get the benefit of advice from experienced counselors who may well have developed solutions to solve the same or similar challenges. SCORE counselors sometimes work in teams, bringing a specific expertise to the table. Mentors may also be able to visit you at your place of business to learn more about your venture. Please give us a call at 702-388-6104 to set up an appointment to discuss your specific concerns. Let us help you convert a challenge into a business opportunity.

Small Business Support Teams –  Situation Analysis and Solutions

For existing businesses facing complex or threatening issues, you can request help from a Small Business Support Team. We can assemble a team of several counselors to visit your business on short notice. The team will analyze your situation and suggest actions. The very fact that you are receiving professional advice may cause a lender or other creditor to modify or delay contemplated actions. SCORE office: 702-388-6104.