Meet Our Mentors

Darwin Hopwood

Darwin has extensive financial and business management experience. Darwin has worked in the investment industry, for a large regional bank and for an agency of the U.S. Treasury Department as a bank regulator. Darwin was also 50% owner of an electrical contractor in Las Vegas for 17 years. In addition to his work experience, Darwin holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and a master’s degree in business administration. Darwin is currently an adjunct professor at the Lee Business School at UNLV where he teaches finance and management classes.


Bob Cushman

Bob has 20 years of experience with three manufacturing corporations and 10 years with two law firms in Massachusetts. After years of consulting he moved to Las Vegas and started his own golf cart business. He is a professional Trustee and President of a small charitable foundation. Bob joined SCORE in 1998 and is an active mentoring helping countless small business be started successfully.  He has held many leadership positions with the management team of Score Las Vegas.


Gerry Beadel

Gerry’s professional career has been devoted to business enterprise. As an entrepreneur, he developed several businesses, organized, operated and successfully invested for personal growth. Gerry founded and structured five Nevada LLC’s; three fully operational and profitable within the last 20 years in Las Vegas. He was also a management and information technology consultant in several industries. As an employee, he worked as a Controller, Product Development Supervisor and Business Development Specialist for several Fortune 500 Companies. With a Minor in Electrical Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Post Graduate work in Business Management. Gerry brings his “Having Done It” experience and “You, Do It Right” into the I’m here for you.

George Langis

George specializes in business turnarounds with business leadership experience in a wide variety of industries (Oil field services, construction, manufacturing). He is able to identify tactical and strategic changes to restore profitability, improve customer service, and build healthy, sustainable organizations. George’s business experience includes 32 years in Fortune 500 companies, a $500 MM ESOP and large privately held company along with 15 years of consulting for private equity firms throughout the United States.  He holds an MBA from Lehigh University.  In addition, for his work as a Score Mentor, George also acts as an interim CEO/COO/CFO, providing executive mentoring, and serves as a board member for several privately held companies.