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Our SCORE Chapter has developed a number of low cost Seminars which are offered on a regular basis. Typically the attendance is between 10 and 20 and audience questions are answered. In many cases the interactions of the attendees provide welcome insight into solutions of common problems and often lead to useful networking. SCORE workshops and seminars are intended to compliment the one on one mentoring available to attendees.

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“How to Start Your Business”

This  seminar introduces you to the concepts of starting a new business and covers the following questions:

  • Am I right for business?
  • How do you test your business idea?
  • Should you organize as a corporation, LLC or sole proprietor?
  • How much cash do you need for start-up?
  • Who will be your customer?
  • Should you write a business plan?

“Getting it Going”  Start-up  Seminar Series

This is a three-part series of classes that address issues every business faces – planning, finding customers, and managing cash flow. The individual sessions include:

  • Writing Your Business Plan”
  • Marketing & Sales Explained”
  • Cash Control”

You may enroll in the session series or in any of the individual sessions.

Writing Your Business Plan

Successful businesses are built on a well-researched, owner-developed business plan. If your business idea is tested and you are ready to build your business plan, this 2-3 hour seminar will guide you through the planning process helping you determine how to link various aspects of managing your business: marketing, management and operations plans, and your cash flow.

Marketing & Sales Explained

There are a number of questions you need to answer when you develop your marketing strategy and plan. Whether you run an existing small business or are working on starting a business, the development of a well thought out marketing strategy is a critical factor in gaining a competitive edge and achieving success. This seminar is designed around useful and practical hands-on techniques. You will learn how to apply sales and marketing fundamentals to your business decisions and how that information merges into your business plan.

Cash Control

In any small business “Cash is King” and if you run out of cash, you may be out of business. This seminar is designed to help you establish financial practices to better manage and control your business. It includes teaching the basics on financial reporting including; Chart of Accounts, Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Financial Ratios.

“Free and No Cost Seminars”

SCORE offers seminars for free to groups of individuals and through government agencies and non-profits. Some of the current recurring items are:

Las Vegas Clark County Library District (LVCCLD)

Virtually all SCORE seminars are offered throughout the area by their network of libraries with conference facilities. The most requested offerings are “How to Start your Business” and “Funding your Business”. The Library District posts all classes on their web pages.

Veterans and Military Personnel

Those serving the Nation are always welcome at workshops at no cost and the “Registration” feature is designed to facilitate entry to all seminars. Also, the second (or additional) persons accompanying a Veteran are welcome at half price. Military I.D. is preferred.


Stand Alone Seminars

“Home-Based Business”

This seminar is for those who have decided to base their business in their home. The seminar covers topics such as licenses, taxes, insurance as well as marketing, sales and other item unique to a home based business.

“Consulting & Independent Contracting”

This workshop is specifically designed for persons who are developing a consulting or contracting business. You will learn the prerequisites for becoming a consultant or independent contractor along with the pros and cons of being a consultant. Additional topics include: How the IRS defines an independent contractor and why it matters, requirements for a consulting business, and tools to help you succeed.

All SBA programs and services are extended to the public on a nondiscriminatory basis. Reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities will be made by contacting point person: and provide the following information: The Score LV program you will be attending, Date, Time, Location where service will be needed, Type of service required. You will receive a conforming email from Christina.” 


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